@lobid so, how do OER creators learn about existing relevant controlled vocabularies?

@krugar Currently vocabularies that both are shared among applications and are published as SKOS do not exist. So you can not learn about them...
We will start by publishing two relevant classifications using SkoHub: Educational Subject Classification (w3id.org/class/esc/scheme, based on ISCED-2013) as international classification for the school sector and the subject classification of Hochschulkompass for the Higher Ed, especially in Germany (github.com/hbz/skohub-ssg/issu). @lobid

@krugar moodleNet is contemplating the use of ISCED-2013 for subject indexing. If we get them and similar players on board using SKOS & SkoHub, this would be great. They seem to be quite open to such things, see blog.moodle.net/2019/voodoo-ca and my comment there.
The current project rather focuses on a prototype, though, and not on outreach to find implementors. (As we will probably exchange one of the protocols used (see github.com/hbz/skohub-pubsub/i), it would not be wise to already fgather implementers.)

@krugar Für den deutschsprachigen Raum, hat sich die KIM-Gruppe "OER-Metadaten" vorgenommen, ein paar kontrollierte Vokabulare für plattformübergreifende Nutzung zu veröffentlichen. Siehe dazu das Interview von @fahrenkrog mit mir unter open-educational-resources.de/. Du bist herzlich eingeladen, mitzumachen. @lobid

@acka47 @fahrenkrog @lobid first: thanks for what you're doing, and thanks for the links. I'll not join the effort, but if you ever need a contact into iqb.hu-berlin.de/, i might know someone.

my outside perspective: the core problem is that content creators don't know how to provide correct metadata (source: author keywords used by scholars at my institute). might be better in OER, dunno. outreach towards creators seems pretty important, tho? not your area of interest, i get that :)


@krugar @fahrenkrog @lobid Re. content providers not knowing how to provide correct metadata: One part of the SkoHub project is abrowser-based editor that outputs validated JSON-LD and let's you look-up and send notifications to concepts in SKOS vocabularies.

@acka47 @fahrenkrog @lobid yes, and it's great that you're building that. imho the main problem isn't generating valid JSON-LD once you have identified the correct terms, but identifying the terms in the first place. which may sound trivial to wikidata folks and librarians, but random grad students and interns working for MOOC sites or school book publishers need help identifing the closest three controlled terms to the topic they're currently involved with. and they're the ones that count...

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