I am very much looking forward to bring to production level together with the rest of the @lobid team and with @literarymachine as technical lead. (For background, see, more posts about the finished prototype coming soon.)

@acka47 @lobid @literarymachine i've not thought this through at all, but since it seems you're brainstorming anyways (cf. yesterdays @schmittlauch DHT post)... has it occurred to you that is structurally similar to what booksellers and librarians use to communicate new releases?

@krugar It definitely is similar but the technologies publishers use for communicating new releases are pretty diverse and sometimes quite antiquated. If you suggest to look for inspiration there, I do not think it will be very helpful. (As the traditional processes & tools were not very satisfying, colleagues in the hbz even commissioned a tool for looking through new releases and placing an order, see

i was thinking more in terms of target audience and/or requirements

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