In the subject filter on, the hierarchical structure of the subject classification is now better represented. Now the upper categories are displayed first and below them - expandable - the corresponding subcategories can be found. Thus, the disjointed simple list of individual subjects has been replaced.

The TU Delft OpenCourseWare courses are now available in OERSI:

Most of the courses are in English, but there are also some Dutch courses. The OERSI frontend now also supports Dutch.

The first Ukrainian source is added: an OER collection from the Scientific Library of the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies (

The collection currently contains 2 open textbooks. More OER are to be added.

This is also our first proof-of-concept to connect a dspace instance.

By now, there are nearly 700 resources with topic "Music, Musicology" included in the OER Search Index:

We have just added the Open Music Academy ( with more than 600 resources – mainly in German:

Hello, social media. Hello, Fediverse.

We decided to just skip using a Twitter account and just open our first social media channel over here.

Follow us if you are interested in a service that provides finding over a growing number of disparate sources.

Magst du das Web, UI-Entwicklung und die Arbeit mit offenen Daten? Dann bewirb dich, wir suchen eine*n Entwickler*in:


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