*sigh* Someone ran out of angle brackets again, I guess. Of course it is <repositories><repository><id>saxonica</id><url>https‍://dev.saxonica.com</url></repository></repositories>

Today I Learned: Using an additional Maven repository is dead simple. Just add it in the section. I.e.


Today I Learned: The tei:elementSpec/@‍ident attribute servers a double purpose. It gives the name of the element specification and it gives the name of the specified element. The @‍ns attribute does not play a role for the former, but for the latter.

Today I Learned: If I <xsl:namespace-alias stylesheet-prefix=“alias” result-prefix=“xsl”/>, then a template or function creating a literal result element must use the result-prefix in its type annotation.

Today I Learned: Using XPath’s fn:path() instead of a user-defined function that does the same speeds up things quite a lot. github.com/schxslt/schxslt/com

SchXslt maintenance release 1.5.2: Fixes a bug that could cause the validation stylesheet fail with an error if it was serialized with a namespace prefix other than ‘xsl’ for the XSLT instructions. github.com/schxslt/schxslt/rel

SchXslt maintenance release 1.5.1: Fixes a botched Maven setup. The Maven artifacts are now available on Maven central. github.com/schxslt/schxslt/rel

🚧 SchXslt service announcement 🚧 The Maven artifact is currently not available due to a misconfiguration issue.

Release of SchXslt Schematron v1.5: Better validation code, typed variables, micro-pipeline, a new build process & some. A lot of improvements in this version. Get it while it’s hot. github.com/schxslt/schxslt/rel

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Guten Morgen! Herr @_dmaus@twitter.com und ich suchen dauerhaft Verstärkung in der IT der @StabiHH@twitter.com (E13, DevOps Entwicklung, unbesfristet) Alle weiteren Details hier: blog.sub.uni-hamburg.de/?p=298

🐦🔗: twitter.com/wonkestehle/status

TEI by example teibyexample.org is looking for new members of the International Advisory Committee, a voluntary role, where you would be expected to contribute only a few hours per year. cdcs.ed.ac.uk/news/upgrade-tei

SchXslt maintenance release: v1.4.7 fixes a bug causing SchXslt to fail generating the validation stylesheet if an abstract pattern parameter replacement value contained a literal backslash. github.com/schxslt/schxslt/rel

Version 2020.08 des Hamburg Open Science Schaufensters veröffentlicht. Liste mit den wichtigsten Verbesserungen unter openscience.hamburg.de/de/rele

Today I Learned: The @‍match attribute of an XSLT 1.0 template rule cannot contain a reference to a variable. github.com/schxslt/schxslt/iss

Version 2020.07 des Hamburg Open Science Schaufensters veröffentlicht. Liste mit den wichtigsten Verbesserungen unter openscience.hamburg.de/de/rele

That’s really helpful: Persona profiles highlighting common barriers users face when accessing digital services. gov.uk/government/publications Thanks @barefootliam!

Madeleine Rothberg on “Accessibility metadata statements” – From the presentation, the paper will be worth a read. Are there fields to record accessibility statements in german cataloging rules? doi.org/10.4242/BalisageVol25.

Fwd: @OyaRieger@twitter.com via @WagnerCosima@twitter.com: “while billions are being spent on subscriptions .. hardly anything is spent on the kind of infrastructure that is crucial for our work: databases, code-sharing sites, etc.” Scholarly Publishing Has Bigger Fish to Fry Than Access t.co/rEuogGBnUw via @TheWireScience@twitter.com

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