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Today I solved the months old problem of ledger not using the account defs to validate my entries. It was that at some point in the past I convinced myself that acc defs are defined in a comment section. Do’h!

Today I Learned: a bibliographic record for research data may list quite a lot (e.g. 2000+) creators. I need to be prepared to handle that many authors in the HOS Schaufenster frontend.

My : Designing the implementation of an IIIF API for our digital collections. A lot of thinking about URIs, information and non-information resources.

Added “Digital Humanities Cooperation” to Planet Digital Humanities. points out that map:merge#1 only succeeds if the key is not already in the map -- thus it should better be map:merge((map{$k: $v}, $m))

Today I Learned: I can achieve the effect of map:put($m, $k, $v) with map:merge(($m, map{$k: $v})). The benefit of map:merge is that the sequence of maps may contain an empty sequence. If $m is the empty sequence, the map:merge still succeeds.


On 8 and 9 October 2020, The second Declarative Amsterdam conference will take place at CWI (Science Park, Amsterdam).
The conference focuses on the technologies and methods used for declarative programming and declarative data.

Call for papers at

Today I Learned: I can use a Git pre-push hook to do stuff, e.g. run the unit tests, before a remote repository is updated. Having a CI pipeline running for the remote is still valuable to catch errors related to my environment.

Today I Leanred: I can get an Enum from a String with the Enum’s .valueOf() function. E.g. EntityType.valueOf(“Manifest”) => EntityType.Manifest, EntityType.valueOf(“Canvas”) => EntityType.Canvas and so on.

Today I Learned: I can get an Enum from a String with the Enum's .valueOf() function. E.g. EntityType.valueOf("Manifest") => EntityType.Manifest, EntityType.valueOf("Canvas") => EntityType.Canvas and so on.

Today I Learned: I can run a local eXist DB for testing purposes using Docker: pull existdb/existdb:latest, run -p 8080:8080 –name exist existdb/existdb:latest, rm exist.

Today I Learned: I can reference variables in my Maven project’s resources. These references are substituted with the actual values when packaging. I can not use this mechamism for .java files bc the substitution happens after compilation.

Today I Learned: A Java class can have a static initializer that runs if it is instantiated, or a static member or function is used. The initializer is written as static { … }.

SchXslt maintenance release: v1.4.5 fixes bug causing invalid stylesheets when assertion test or rule context contained curly brackets. Available at Github or Maven Central.

Sehr gute Nachrichten für die Freunde strukturierter Daten & semantisch getaggter Texte: Saxonica hat Version 10 ihres XSLT-Prozessors veröffentlicht. Der Grund zur Freunde: Funktionen höhrer Ordnung & xsl:evaluate sind jetzt auch in der OpenSource-Version Saxon-HE benutzbar.

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Dafür, dass doch auch als "der Sender mit den gelben Untertiteln" aus rein analogen Zeiten in Erinnerung ist, haben die Mediathektitel heute erstaunlich selten Untertitel. Schade, bei ARD (und Dritten) fast alles;zmdst gefühlt. Guck nun trotzdem Einstein und Hawking :)

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