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TEI by example is looking for new members of the International Advisory Committee, a voluntary role, where you would be expected to contribute only a few hours per year.

SchXslt maintenance release: v1.4.7 fixes a bug causing SchXslt to fail generating the validation stylesheet if an abstract pattern parameter replacement value contained a literal backslash.

Version 2020.08 des Hamburg Open Science Schaufensters veröffentlicht. Liste mit den wichtigsten Verbesserungen unter

Today I Learned: The @‍match attribute of an XSLT 1.0 template rule cannot contain a reference to a variable.

Version 2020.07 des Hamburg Open Science Schaufensters veröffentlicht. Liste mit den wichtigsten Verbesserungen unter

That’s really helpful: Persona profiles highlighting common barriers users face when accessing digital services. Thanks @barefootliam!

Madeleine Rothberg on “Accessibility metadata statements” – From the presentation, the paper will be worth a read. Are there fields to record accessibility statements in german cataloging rules?

Fwd: via “while billions are being spent on subscriptions .. hardly anything is spent on the kind of infrastructure that is crucial for our work: databases, code-sharing sites, etc.” Scholarly Publishing Has Bigger Fish to Fry Than Access via

SchXslt maintenance release: v1.4.6 fixes a severe bug causing validation to fail when a pattern declared more than one variable. Available at Github or Maven Central.

The series of webinars finished with Q&A session about XProc. Thanks to @MarkupUKorg for organizing! In case you missed: All webinars available at @MarkupUKorg’s YouTube channel:

Version 2020.06 des Hamburg Open Science Schaufensters veröffentlicht. Diesmal hat sich viel bei den Mediatheken von @HFBKHamburg, @HfMT_Hamburg und @Lecture2Go getan. Liste mit den wichtigsten Verbesserungen

Webinar zu XQuery am 25.06.2020: XQuery is the Plumber's Toolkit! Adam Retter looks at using XQuery as a data integration language. Adam will demonstrate how to aggregate Document, Graph, and Relational data using XQuery to produce new information.

It just occurred to me that Balisage 2020 will happen in a little more than one month. Looking forward to it!

Aufzeichnung des Webinars "Schematron report customization" ist jetzt auch online:

Today I Learned: You can select the Schematron validation phase with the xml-model processing instruction. It has a pseudo-attribute @phase that “gives the phase name of the validation function for use”.

I will talk about Schematron validation report customization on June, 10th in one of the free webinars offered by @MarkupUKorg.

Neue Version des Hamburg Open Science Schaufenters veröffentlicht: – Neu hinzugekommen ist die Möglichkeit, in der Suche nach Medientypen (DataCite-Vokabular) zu filtern. Außerdem wurden die Publikationen von @hh_OpenScience als Quelle ergänzt.

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