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We are happy to be collaborating with effective WEBWORK on improving SkoHub Vocabs. See the latest blog post at

@jonny We are optimistic that we will get a full-time developer for SkoHub later this year. If your project could need some decentralized knowledge discovery component based on shared SKOS vocabularies & ActivityPub let's talk sometimes.

The paper "Applying Effective Data Modelling Approaches for the
Creation of a Participatory Archive Platform" by Julien A. Raemy provides a glimpse into the interesting project "Participatory Knowledge Practices in Analogue and Digital Image Archives" (PIA) that makes use of Linked Open Usable Data (LOUD) principles. With a mention of SkoHub Vocabs for publishing controlled vocabularies!

@sl007 @acka47 Leider wird die SkoHub-PubSub-Kompnente, die auf AP basiert, momentan nicht weiterentwickelt, weil uns dafür die Ressourcen fehlen. Wir konzentrieren ins stattdessen auf SkoHub Vocabs. Evtl. können wit nächstes Jahr Stellen besetzen. Auf jeden Fall melden wir uns, wenn wir wieder aktiv entwickeln.

New blog post about two "Introduction to SKOS with Vocabs" workshops facilitated by @acka47 and @steffenr42 in November:

If you want to learn more about SkoHub Vocabs or in general, visit us today from 14:00-16:30 UTC (15:00-17:30 CET) at our booth at (free registration needed).

@sean SkoHub offers some ideas (and tools) for content discovery centered around Knowledge Organization Systems. A community would maintain a subject classification to arrange the content of their subject area by topic. People can subscribe and publish to a specific topic. With this push-based approach you can discover content from instances you haven't heard of before. See also @acka47 & @literarymachine 's talk at :

@jonny You might be interested in the approach: combining collaboratively maintained subject classifications in SKOS with Linked Data Notifications and ActivityPub to enable a pushed-based way of knowledge discovery:
Currently, only SkoHub Vocabs – a static site generator for SKOS vocabs – is used in production settings, the LDN- & AP-based SkoHub PubSub module has been tested but will need some more love when used in production.

The registration is open. On Tuesday, there will be a workshop "An Introduction to SKOS and SkoHub Vocabs" facilitated by @acka47 and @steffenr42 .See the programme at


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