Looks like they kicked @Protohedgehog@twitter.com out of the window :) However, he can fly and spreads his wings and off he is....

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A few months earlier, in the @KUnlatched@twitter.com meeting room…

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If you don't sign in we cannot track your data to create a user profile which we can then sell to third parties! Thank you! twitter.com/OPL_Tante/status/1

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Long thread on @KUnlatched@twitter.com aggregating full text open access books and selling this to libraries, while the content is already available openly and the value added minimal. Could it be that the long term objective is to sell the whole KU thing to a publisher or to @ResearchGate@twitter.com? twitter.com/punctum_books/stat

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Yesterday was a great day for with three projects launching simultaneously:
• @GetTheResearch@twitter.com
• @cziscience@twitter.com’s Essential Open Source Software for Science

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This is a great explanation of git for people who have not yet had to work with it: speakerdeck.com/alicebartlett/

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📢Apply TODAY to join the , Sep 4–5 in Cambridge, UK, to collaborate with developers, designers, researchers, innovators and everyone enthusiastic about to address challenges in science research communication: ctt.ec/Pi6ea+

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Liebe Journos, sagt bitte nicht: »Der Algorithmus ist unberechenbar«, was ich eben auf @wdr5@twitter.com hörte. Damit macht ihr euch bei Informatiker.innen lächerlich. Sagt lieber, seine Ergebnisse seien nicht nachvollziebar. Dann bekommt ihr Kudos von kritischen Expert.innen. #ki #ai #xai

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OK lovely people, I'm back from the dead and I'm back with a bang!
This morning our media partner @Tagesspiegel@twitter.com published an exclusive preview of our on the airfield in Berlin @FieldTripBerlin@twitter.com:

fieldtrip.tagesspiegel.de/ (in German)

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Just pushed up {redoc}, a 📦 for *reversible* reproducible documents. redoc() your .Rmd, edit in Word, dedoc() it back. Built-in diffing, Critic Markup/track changes support, & RStudio plugins! noamross.github.io/redoc. Feedback and contributions welcome! 🙏

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58 wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken in Deutschland betreiben fahrlässig die Sache der Predatory Journals – Aus der Forschungs­bibliothek Krekelborn biblio.hypotheses.org/192

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Bei der Diskussion & wird noch einmal deutlich, dass der Kollateralschaden für das freie Netz durch schlicht nicht verstanden wird. Fachleute und Argumente werden ignoriert, Sachfragen ausgewichen.

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Finally @ma_salmon@twitter.com! Started a blog with colleagues about our work as data analysts. Our first post shows how we work with @unpaywall_data@twitter.com , a widely used discovery tool, with
subugoe.github.io/scholcomm_an twitter.com/ma_salmon/status/1

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Oh this does not feel good. ResearchGate Granted U.S. Patent 10,282,424: “Linking Documents Using Citations” infodocket.com/2019/05/07/rese Thoughts, @MsPhelps@twitter.com @essepuntato@twitter.com @ReaderMeter@twitter.com @i4oc_org@twitter.com?

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The automated subject indexing tool 0.40 has been released! There are some changes to CLI and REST command names (for clarity) as well as bug fixes and cleanups. github.com/NatLibFi/Annif/rele

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Science is for Society, the entire one.

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Patients want to read science, athletes want to read science, people want to read science. Science is not just for scientists.

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-Rechtsfragen? Unser Projektmitarbeiter @FuzziIP@twitter.com von der @viadrina@twitter.com hat heute eine Handreichung zum institutionellen Rahmen und Handlungsoptionen für universitäres FDM veröffentlicht doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2654305

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In case you feel lonely in your research software engineering project with 1, I can highly recommend organizing a national conference together with an awesome team.

So much interaction and opportunities to learn new things!

You won't be bored! X-D

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