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"A survey of OpenRefine reconciliation services" by @pintoch:

With first considerations of a reconciliation API that lets clients do the global scoring in a flexible manner based on servers providing field-level scores. Also mentioning lobid-gnd reconciliation service. ;-)

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I'm looking for tooling ( etc.) that processes Excel-formatted exports from Web of Science or similar into -compatible CSVs.

Processing steps include: Renaming & subsetting columns, renaming to match fields, harmonising author names, retrieving missing info via -APIs etc.

Would be a neat programming lessons, but I'm looking for tried-and-tested code for production.

Please boost! 1k thanks for any hints 🙂

Ein Kollege hat mich gerade auf hingewiesen, "a markup language and toolkit for writing interactive articles. " Das macht auf den ersten Blick einen sehr guten Eindruck.

Einige Beispielimplementierungen haben mich direkt angesprochen, z.B. Fugazi: W3C:

Mit Parametric Press gibt es auch ein Journal, das mit Idyll gemacht wird:

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@pintoch I somehow made you chair of the reconciliation community group: Probably because hbz is W3C member and I am its representative. I did not know I had such power. 😄 However, it totally makes sense to have you as chair...

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Interested in entity #matching on the web? Then join the #W3C Entity #Reconciliation Community Group!

Starting with the #OpenRefine reconciliation #API, we will document, improve and hopefully standardize a protocol to do entity matching at scale on the web.

@pintoch Thanks for adding the OpenRefine Reconciliation endpoint to lobid on Wikidata. I moved it to and added the general API endpoint. I also added API descriptions to the other two lobid services (Q31045666 & Q31048074).

Die Umkreissuche um den eigenen Standort (nach Klick auf "Mehr Filter") ist ja auch sehr schön. Obwohl da die meisten Ergebnisse angeblich nicht aus openbibliojobs kommen. Dennoch: Hat sich wirklich gelohnt!

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Ja, die Auszeichnung mit bringt was. Suche nach "jobs bibliothek" zeigt Snippet mit strukturierten Daten von OBJ.

"The coming decade is going to be federated." Taking back the commons that belongs to us. I hope @ceejbot
is right.
Great talk & important initiative by @ceejbot
& Chris Dickinson
to move the ownership of the JavaScript commons from a VC-backed private company to the community.

Wikidata seems to be optimistic that will rise from the dead. uses it for URL/URI formatting.

MoodleNet could be a game changer in the world of Open Educational Resources (). It is using ActivityPub to build "a new open social media platform for educators, focused on professional development and open content" (
See also

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#Framadate is a free open alternative to Doodle:

Like Doodle, Framadate lets you make quick, simple calendars and polls for finding out the opinions of your friends or colleagues without needing to register.

Unlike Doodle, Framadate respects privacy and doesn't show ads or track you.

It's made by @Framasoft and the source code is at

#Doodle #Alternatives

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@rstockm @EzellaGarnie Gibt es eigentlich irgendwo ein paar leicht erfassbare Statistiken zu dieser Mastodon-Instanz? So mit Anzahl der Konten, wieviele davon aktiv/inaktiv etc.?

Wikidata SPARQL question: I have a list of ~150 QIDs and want to get back some data as csv. How do I build a SPARQL query that does not get a timeout. These approaches did NOT work:
- FILTER (?item = wd:Q1700 || ?item = wd:Q26271345 ...)
- FILTER (?item IN (wd:Q1700 || wd:Q26271345 || ..)
See also (in German)
/cc @WikidataFacts

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