Heute wurden zwei Gruppen, in denen ich bin, von WhatsApp nach Signal umgezogen, eine Freunde- und eine Familiengruppe. Es hat mich gewundert, dass es mit der aktuellen AGB-Anpassung so schnell ging, aber es freut mich natürlich. Fehlen noch zwei Sportvereingruppen, dann kann ich WhatsApp endlich wieder deinstallieren.

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I have been elected to a two year term on the W3C TAG!


I'm really excited for this opportunity to work for a better Web, and more than a little bit daunted. And so so grateful for all of the support people have given me during the election, which I did not expect to be as intense as it was.


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“A female colleague and [I] had dared to discuss wage transparency and gender pay gap in the office … Unfortunately we miscalculated – our boss Matthias was beyond furious. After that office meeting, he told my colleague ‘there will be consequences.’ … I want to expose the hypocrisy and double standards in FSFE leadership. How the organisation ‘promoting’ transparency, equality and inclusivity treats employees and more specifically women.”



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I started working on shapes to validate whether a SKOS file is ready to be published with . Unfortunately, the tooling does not seem to be that great yet. For example, I have problems with the few online validators that are around.

Does anybody know of a good SheX validator for the command line?

Die Corona Warn App gibt es jetzt auf F-Droid: jlelse.blog/de/links/2020/12/c
Habe sie mir direkt mal auf meinem LineageOS Smartphone installiert.

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TIL, with "type: slide" in the YAML frontmatter you will see a slide preview in HedgeDoc (former CodiMD), see the example at demo.hedgedoc.org/slide-exampl. Nice.

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Der deutsche Entwickler Marvin Wißfeld (@larma) hat die Google-Bestandteile der Corona-Warn-App im Alleingang als Open-Source nachgebaut - was SAP und Telekom trotz Förderung nicht gelungen ist. 👏

Jetzt läufts sie auch auf googlefreien Androids oder neueren Huawei's.

Demnächst bei F-Droid. Oder jetzt schon als Betaversion:

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Hello #fediverse,

we are #Senfcall and we are #hosting #privacy-friendly #BigBlueButton #videoconferences.

Free as in #freedom AND #free as in beer. (donations are welcome)

You don't even have to register an account (unless you need persistent rooms). Just visit senfcall.de/en/ - klick on "start meeting", enter meeting name (password optional), press "start" enter your name and have fun senfing. The call-invite link you find at the top of the chat.

#FreeSoftware #Introduction

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Not in my library. Ever.

"Scientific publishers propose installing spyware in university libraries to protect copyrights"


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Is your open source project still using Slack for its community? Consider:

Mozilla has migrated their chat to Matrix: wiki.mozilla.org/Matrix

Mattermost now offers hosted service with special pricing for OSS projects: mattermost.com/nonprofit/

There are probably even more I'm not aware of.

There are good Free options now. Time to get out of the proprietary SaaS lock-in.

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Fuckings to:


Do not charge to read standards
Do not charge to write standards

Open standards or kindly GTFO

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