There is this conference "Semantic Web in Libraries"(SWIB) which I am involved in organizing. Each year, there's a great bunch of people meeting.

You have something interesting to share about in libraries or related institutions? Or have some ideas on how libraries could contribute more to the growth and maintenance of the Fediverse?

Please consider a submission (which is only an abstract). The deadline has just been extended to 11 July 2022:

Like the last two years, will be held online in the end of November with help from the nice people of @collocall that provide the infrastructure (BigBlueButton, live streaming, Mattermost) and support.

Since 2009, ZBW & hbz have been providing funding and staff to make the annual conference happen. Not to forget the wonderful programme committee that is doing a great job at putting together the programme.

SWIB also has a Mastodon presence at @swib.

@acka47 Semantic Web In Library Learning was right there!

@mathew Actually, it started as a German-speaking conference in 2009/10 called "Semantic Web in Bibliotheken".

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