Talking about #Digital #Sustainability, check out "The Hidden Life of an #Amazon User":

In order to purchase a single book on, the website forces to go through twelve different interfaces to record your activity. Joana Moll tracks 1,307 different requests to all sort of scripts and documents, totaling 8,724 A4 pages worth of printed code, adding up to 87.33MB of information. The amount of energy needed was approximately 30 wh.

#Surveillance #Capitalism

Habt ihr das hier mitbekommen?KollegIn gesucht! ProfessorInnenstellenvertretung (w/m/d) an der FH Potsdam
für Bibliotheks-/Informationstechnologien & digitale Services (W 2). Mehr Info hier:

Gerne weitersagen und/oder Bewerben!

German politicians start moving to #Mastodon #Fediverse

#StateGovernment of #BadenWürttemberg:

Members of the #GermanParliament #Bundestag:
@TabeaRoessner Tabea Rößner, #MdB
@KonstantinNotz Dr Konstantin v. Notz, MdB
@ulrichkelber Ulrich Kelber Federal Commissioner for #DataProtection and Freedom of Information, previously MdB

Members of the #EuropeanParliament:
@echo_pbreyer Dr Patrick Breyer, #MEP

In case I forgot someone, please respond!

#Germany #Politics #Government

The 📢 Call for Contributions for #deRSE20 (2nd Intl. Conf. for #RSEng in 🇩🇪, 25-27 Aug, Jena) is now open 🎉:!

⏲️ Deadline: 01 Apr (workshops) / 15 Apr (others).

Care about #ResearchSoftware? This conference is for you! (SD)

#Security #Updates on #Android are really that bad: They take months to never to be rolled out and manufacturers stop supporting them after one year anyway.

This is one of the core problems of #digital #sustainability: good performing hardware cannot be used only because software / manufacturers do not support them anymore.

a) use #FreeSoftware e.g. Custom Rom and
b) help to include smartphones in the European ecodesign guidelines by signing this petition:

@katrinleinweber you could take a look at pleroma as well, known to be lighter that mastodon.

I really love the #FSF's idea to call the release of proprietary software under a free license after the end of its support to "#upcycle #software"

this gives a very meaningful connotation to an otherwise rather technical / legal issue and helps to make it understandable for non-experts. Also it is short and handy & works pefect for slogans. Great job! I will re-use it from now in further debates and argumentations.

And btw, sign the petition to #UpcycleWindows7:

"The big, homogenous, world-consuming #Internet we know today is #unsustainable. And if this network is going to have any chance of surviving, it has to be disrupted, destroyed, and broken down."

A great article about the Internet and #climate #change, about the web's comfortable walled gardens, urban elites, advertisements, the division between the rich and the poor, resilient communities, #decentralization and much more totally worth the 20 minutes of reading.

We are excited to announce our brand-new feature on //

From now on you can import every event within an easy click into your personal calendar \°/

Check out your favorite event and try it out.

#foss #floss #events #calendar #europe

Another #workflow question for folks on the instance... I write in #markdown and manage #citations in bibtex using bibdesk, but am thinking about moving to #zotero + zotfile + BBT ( which can manage auto export of libraries to bibtex, I gather. Anyone else out there have comments re using Zotero for a bib(la)tex scholarly #writing workflow? It’s important to me that I have access to database in the form of bibtex files.

"Weil schweigen in unserer Gesellschaft niemals als Zustimmung gewertet werden darf"... geben die Meldeämter meine Daten den Parteien für Wahlwerbung weiter wenn ich nicht widerspreche... #Organspende

Data = Energy = CO2

That is why #KeepOrSweep is a great idea to help you clean up your data in a playful way and to help stopping climate change at the same time. Available cross-plattform and as an app for @nextcloud:

Reduce your #CarbonFootprint one file at a time : )

#DigitalSustainability @jancborchardt #catcontent

Schöner Artikel von @kaffeeringe: "Dein Algorithmus ist ne alte Umweltsau" fasst ganz gut ein paar der aktuellen Problem zusammen, welche die entfesselte Turbo-Digitalisierung uns beschert hat: #Cloud Computing, #Blockchain, #KünstlicheIntelligenz, #BigData, #Bloatware, #AddictiveDesign ...

Strategien aus der #OpenSource-Szene können die Entwicklung hin zu mehr Nachhaltigkeit beschleunigen: ein Turboknopf für den ökologischen Umbau der Gesellschaft, meine ich in meinem Beitrag für Heise:

Wenn Behörden eine eigene Fediverse-Instanz aufsetzen würden und auf dieser Instanz anschließend ausschließlich die Nachrichtenkanäle der jeweiligen Behörden registriert wären, man sich also quasi darauf verlassen könnte das jedes dort betriebene Konto dort offiziell ist ...
das wäre was.

lots of techbro energy 

Stackoverflow explained via cats

(Signature in panel 3 says NAKANDART)

Just watched Chris Adams talk at #36c3 about "Reducing Carbon in the Digital Realm" and found the attached slide very interesting.

It shows #Apple's #co2 #footprint in 2018 for its products and you can see that 79% is due to manufacturing and transportation - and only 19% for its actual use.

Try to keep this in mind next time you think about replacing your device with a new one - or to keep using your current device for a little bit longer.


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