Die Ausschreibung "Leiter*in (m/w/d) des Referats IT-Anwendungen und Datenmanagement der SBB-Kernprozesse" geht in eine zweite Runde. Klingt kompliziert, ist aber hoch interessant, gerade für Menschen an der Schnittstelle zwischen Bibliothek und IT. Wir freuen uns über jede:n Bewerber:in mit Bibliothekserfahrung. Gerne RT

Online conference with free software infrastructure 

All of the pre-recorded talks for #apconf2020 are available now at: conf.tube/accounts/apconf/vide

If you're registered for the live portions of the conference next weekend (October 2-5) hopefully you'll have some time to check the videos out in advance! If you're attending the conference asynchronously feel free to watch the videos and leave questions in the video comments on on here using the #apconf2020 so we can incorporate them into the Q&A sessions!

Save the date. Mini-ELAG on October 20, 2020. Please submit your proposals. elag.org

We just published "Presenting the SkoHub Editor": blog.lobid.org/2020/03/31/skoh

"SkoHub Editor enables the automatic generation of a web form based on a JSON schema, along with the possibility to look up terms in a controlled vocabulary that is published with SkoHub Vocabs. Additionally, metadata generated by the editor can be published using SkoHub PubSub."

I just realized that could play an important role in the fediverse for addressing the problem of finding relevant content in a decentralized infrastructure.

The idea: A system that supports subscribing to newly published content based on the topics the content is about might be much easier to implement than a decent search over decentralized instances.


Der Einstieg in das Mastodon-Netzwerk für Bibliotheksmenschen