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LinkedDataHub is open-source software to manage data, create visualizations & build apps on RDF Knowledge Graphs, letting you publish RDF graph data, build and deploy data-driven apps & APIs & create custom views & visualizations.

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There are so many names for organizations. And @ResearchOrgs@twitter.com is a cool place for different name variants all linked to its unique . Only wish @ORCID_Org@twitter.com would check on ALL variants of institutional names when adding affiliations.

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I would be interested in the contents of the underlying licence agreement. What does it say about perpetual access to the titles provided? twitter.com/petersuber/status/

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Better RDF development in VS Code with Elsevier's Linked Data Extension: visualize RDF graphs; convert RDF serialization formats; validate RDF with SHACL; run SPARQL queries on files getting results in HTML or CSV. h/t @RinkeHoekstra@twitter.com


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Hab eben erst den Artikel von @RenkeSiems@twitter.com im @bub_magazin@twitter.com "Lesen und gelesen werden" genossen. Absolut lesenswert. Einerseits. Andererseits kommen dieselben Fragen und Zweifel wieder hoch wie nach der Lektüre seines Beitrags in @obibJournal@twitter.com.

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Hurrah, erstmals könnt Ihr das @DataCite@twitter.com Metadatenschema öffentlich kommentieren. 🥳
Das Feedback der Community ist eminent wichtig für die Weiterentwicklung dieses globalen Standards!
Dank @kelly_stathis@twitter.com ist dieser Prozess nun super easy, transparent&nachvollziehbar.👏
Let's Go! twitter.com/DataCite/status/15

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Als unlängst von der Humboldt Uni Bücher entsorgt wurden, sorgte dies für einen Shitstorm, der mich persönlich geärgert hat. Wo Kritik wirklich angebracht wäre, habe ich im Folgenden in meiner Entgegnung auf den Shitstorm geschrieben.

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OpenAlex has added fulltext search to 57 million articles, based on data from the General Index. This moves OpenAlex’s search function beyond title and abstract, covering the full text of 57 million documents. blog.ourresearch.org/fulltext-

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just published: issue 54 of the Code4Lib Journal is out!
NLP, AI, persistent IDs, web archiving, preservation, API intro, ontology, museums and more. Read and share!

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Annif Analyzer Shootout: Comparing text lemmatization methods for automated subject indexing by @OsmaSuominen@twitter.com, Ilkka Koskenniemi

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One year ago, I launched this free textbook

Today, the book has been downloaded by >35,000 students from >500 universities. If each book costs $100, we have saved families $3.5M.

Boiler up @LifeAtPurdue@twitter.com

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We published normalized subject indexing data from K10plus library union catalog (syntactically valid identifiers of GND, RVK, BK, DDC...) in RDF: 23,306,480 bibliographic records, 77,545,501 dct:subject triples doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.7016625

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The documents "Mission Statement", "The Uniqueness of OpenCitations" and "OpenCitations: present status and future plans" are now publicly available. Feedback is welcome - it can help us improve our and our communications to explain it. opencitations.hypotheses.org/2

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Die Diskussion um die von @RenkeSiems@twitter.com beleuchteten Themen um das ist in vollem Gange. Lesen Sie dazu die Zuschrift von OCLC und die Stellungnahmen der Herausgebenden und des Autors. twitter.com/obibJournal/status

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Ontop: Answering SPARQL queries over relational databases by @bcogrel@twitter.com of @ontopicvkg@twitter.com et al.
The ontology together with the mapping exposes a virtual RDF graph, which can be queried using SPARQL, the standard query language in the Semantic Web community. bit.ly/3JcsSQR

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Sci-Hub downloads in Europe
1. Germany
2. France
3. United Kingdom
4. Netherlands
All countries with sufficient funds for subscriptions I suppose. twitter.com/sci_hub_/status/15

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@unzeit@twitter.com @FOLIO_LSP@twitter.com Die ist optimiert für die präzise Paketverwaltung bis zur kleinsten Einheit in Nachweissystemen (z.B. Artikel). Das kann die kann die :kb nicht. => 2 verschiedene Ziele mit entsprechender Lösung. s.

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