The last session "Discovery" of will start in half an hour (15:30 UTC). Live stream:

Kick-off for the last day of is in an hour (14:00 UTC) with the "Data models" session.

Watch the live stream at and join the discussion in the Town Square channel at

The open day of will start in 50 minutes (14:00 UTC) with a short live-streamed opening. Afterwards, people are invited to visit the booths that interest them to have a chat, watch a demo etc.

List of booths:

Live stream:

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Sarah Lamdan kindly summarized the topic of her keynote in meme form. You can watch her whole talk on "Surveillance capitalism in our libraries" at

The recordings of the first conference day are now online: keynote by Sarah Lamdan and presentations by @hochstenbach , Annika Schröer and Dalton Martins. See the playlist on YouTube:

@hochstenbach is also offering a Solid booth at . Join the chat channel at if you are interested in some details. (Free regiustration required.)

The slides of @hochstenbach's talk on "Using linked data notifications to assemble the scholarly record on the decentralised web" can already be found on the web at

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will start in 45 minutes with Sarah Lamdan's's keynote on "Surveillance capitalism in our libraries".

See the homepage for a link to the live stream and the chat:

Registrations are still open for those late to the party.

You can not only chat with other participants and create new channels by yourself as needed. With BigBlueButton integration you can start a video chat room from every channel. See the FAQ on how to do that:

There are already some public chat channels: the main channel "Town Hall", seven 🏠 booths where you can ask questions about different open source software tools as well as a 🍻 pub. You can browse and add public channels by clicking on the "+" in the top-left corner.

SWIB always has been about participation and interaction instead of just consuming talks. That is why we set up a conference chat for all registered participants at

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For people who are interested in web standards, open source software and libraries/archives there's a good lineup of talks at the virtual SWiB conference next week:

I'm planning to tune into parts of it. I want to lean more about Linked Data Notifications, Oxford Common File Layout, JSKOS and how their conference "virtual booth" works out (basically small demos running in parallel on Day 4).

By now, seven boothes have been set up. Newest entries are Solid project, @cubicweb / SparqlExplorer and coli-conc, see

We are trying out a new format at : Boothes.

Get into conversation with maintainers or power users of free software tools like OpenRefine, Metafacture, @skohub or take part in an hackathon.

See list of boothes or offer one by yourself:

The excitement is rising. We are looking forward to the start of next week! On Monday, Sarah Lamdan
will kick off the conference with her keynote on "Surveillance capitalism in our libraries".


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